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Originally bred in Bella Bella by Mike Bosch, the Boschveld Chicken is a cross between three indigenous chicken breeds from Africa they are the Venda, Matabele and Ovambo. They are known for their incredible colours and beautiful looks as well as being able to produce eggs from a little bit of supplement feed and what they can forage outside. They are very hardy and lay very tasty eggs with a yolk that reminds you of an African sunset.

Our chickens live in a totally stress, noise and pollution free environment. Their home is a converted lucern barn and they use it for safety at night, to lay eggs and to lounge around when they want to during the day. Otherwise the chickens can roam where ever they wish to forage for insects and dust bathe.

Our philosophy in farming is that natural is best. We started growing our own food years ago when we realized how much rubbish is pumped into livestock to get them to grow faster, and in many cases what horrendous conditions they are grown under. Out of that a small business has grown to supply our clients with honest, high quality produce.

Our farm uses no pesticides or herbicides. Alongside the natural Karoo veld we grow indigenous grass pastures to feed our free range lambs and use only certified food that guarantees no hormones, animal proteins, antibiotics or harmful additives to supplement our chickens free range diet.

We practice an open house policy and you are welcome to visit us to see our farming practice and to enjoy the peace and tranquility that this corner of the Little Karoo has to offer.

We produce lamb, chickens and eggs. Our market extends from Oudtshoorn and George down to Cape Town. Delivery is approximately once or twice a month and we practice a first come first served policy.

Please add products required to the shopping cart & Mary will contact you with price, availability en delivery costs.  If your placed an order for lamb, please use this form to tell us how you want your lamb to be cut & packed. ..
Free range chickens and eggs
Free range chickens and eggs

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